María Jesús Sobrido


President of the Scientific Committee. Institute of Sanitary Research. Santiago de Compostela. Spain

Dr. María-Jesús Sobrido is a neurologist, fellow of the European Neurology Board, phD in molecular genetics. After post-doctoral research on ataxias and neurodegenerative diseases under the mentorship of Dr. DH Geschwind at UCLA (USA), she earned a Miguel Servet award to set up an independent research group at the Institute of Health Research (IDIS) in Santiago de Compostela. The group´s main interest is understanding the molecular basis of ataxias, spastic paraplegias and related neurogenetic and neurometabolic diseases. The group has identified genes, mutations and genotype-phenotype relationships in ataxias, and implemented genomic and bioinformatic protocols for the diagnosis of neurological patients. Dr. Sobrido is reviewer for the National Agency of Evaluation and Prospective, scientific journals and societies. She belongs to the editorial board of Human Mutation. She has published over 90 papers and book chapters. Dr. Sobrido is a member of the Galician Society of Neurology, Spanish Society of Neurology (former coordinator of the neurogenetics committee, current coordinator of the committee on ataxias and spastic paraplegias), Spanish Association for Human Genetics, American Academy of Neurology, European Academy of Neurology (neurogenetics panel), European Society of Human Genetics (scientific committee), and American Society of Human Genetics. Her group belongs to the Centre for Network Research on Rare Diseases (CIBERER).